Fix Rocket and Sticky jumping in Gun Mettle Update

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The recent Gun Mettle update has changed the explosive jumping capabilities of both Soldier and Demoman. Despite being unlisted on patch notes, the change has made countless soldier and demo jumping maps unbeatable. It has completely changed the nature and mobility of these classes. This has ramifications for competitive too - rollouts will be heavily affected by this change.

Many of us within the jumping community are just hoping this is a bug. So Valve, we implore you:

1. If this is a bug, please fix it quickly so those of us from the jumping community can get our fix. We really enjoy the rocket and sticky jumping aspect of the game. Many of us have made significant time investment to get to grips with it!

2. If this is not a bug, then please reconsider the change.

3. If this is not a bug and you are not willing to consider reverting, then please provide us with some server variables to make the game play like it did before. Our favourite jumping maps are currently unplayable.

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