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Buff the Bison!

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The bison was always considered to be a low-use weapon. However, it held a special place in many people's hearts. It was an odd weapon, but fun to use. This was, of course, until the Meat your Match update. Valve "Fixed" the bison by lowering damage, lowering projectile speed, and removing its' one unique feature: Multiple hits. Whether or not it was truly a bug, is a different debate. All I ask is that we attempt to reverse this damage. We do not need to bring back the multiple hit mechanic, (Though it'd be wonderful), we simply need to fix the projectile speed. The projectile roughly traveled at 1200 HMUs, the same speed as the Pomson's projectile. Meat your Match, however, brought this down to a mere 840 HMUs. Behind event-related projectiles, this is the slowest projectile in the game. Anywhere beyond close range, the laser can simply be walked away from. According to this, approximately 72.62% of players own this item, but a mere 3.58% actually use it. The info it shows tells that this weapon has lost any usefulness it may have had. Please Valve, if you are listening, fix the Bison. We miss it.

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