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Remove the report system in Dota 2

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As a Dota 2 player, valve customer, and valve supporter , it is a fact that Dota 2 report system is broken. Valve assures it stops voice abusing , but the truth is that it creates problems and condemns those players that help the community in a positive way, pushing away the dota community all together.

Here is a few reasons why the report system is broken and it needs to be removed all together:

1) Dota 1 had less features then dota 2 has including the report system, and everyone that played dota 1 was happy. Dota 1 is very popular and talked about today even though no report system was ever inplemented . The report system is making people uninstall dota 2 and making valve loose customers and more importantly money.

2) while people can report abusive players , but there is a few facts why people report that have nothing to do with abusive or bad conduct. Here is a few reasons or ways  that people use to abuse the report system:

A) Reported for speaking a different language 
B) Reported because you are not as skilled(or new) as another player in the game 
C) Reported because of ethnicity 
D) Reported because of giving pointers,tips, and or other helpful comments to teammates. 
E) Reported because of pausing the game for a person that disconnected. 
F) Reported because of picking a hero another person wanted
G) Reported because of complementing the other team
F) Reported because of getting items another teammate did not approve of 
H) Reported because of playing the game correctly
I) Reported just because...

This are just a few ways that people can and will use to abuse reports.There are far more , but this is just the very basic reasons why people abuse the report system valve has set up for Dota 2

3) Valve wants the Dota 2 experience to be something people enjoy and to also welcome new players. The report system is doing the opposite of what it is suppose to do. In fact if a new player joins the game and he/she is not very good , chances are he/she will be reported for not being as skilled as the other player and get voice banned ,reported for feeding , or reported for text (chat) abuse for no given reason. It also encourages racism as players with other ethnicity are targeted just because they do not speak the same language or because they are a different race, and most of the time is an instant report with no reason behind it.

4) Valve looses money each time a player decides to just give up playing/buying ,and using valve games like dota 2 as most of this games have a Valve Store in them.

The report system is pushing away more , and more players, new and existing. It is crippling the Dota 2 community and is toxic for everyone in general.As a gaming community we are asking valve to remove the report system all together for a better gaming community and for everyone to enjoy and not be discriminated against.

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