Make DOTA 2 what it used to be

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Dear VALVE : 

I know DOTA 2 needed to evolve, but, as everything related to evolution, you MUST understand that it takes A LOT of time to evolve, and if you wanted to make DOTA 2 evolve, you should take the advice of nature, and take it slow, not what you did to one of our favourite games. 

You completeley ruined what made this game fun, you are turning it into a combination of 2 of the games that came out AFTER DOTA 2, and were based on DOTA 2. 

Your GUI desing is really bad, and incoherent, the map now is smaller and it is really bad in terms of strategy, you ruined some of the most iconic characters (for example, techies.. wtf??) you delivered a 7.0 version full of bugs, with almost no playtesting involved. 

Instead of doing this trashy upgrade, you should've concentrated in something more usefull to the people that plays the game. Like the report system (wich was a fail since day one), the way you sell items or adding more champs! whatever you thought it was going to happen with this patch, ITS NOT HAPPENING. 

So please, consider an urgent downgrade, or remove the patch untill it works properly and its accepted by the people, remember, we, the people, chose DOTA 1, and made it what it is, why would you take what made us love the game so much, and turn it into a moba frankenstein, when you had the original, the best one on your hands!. 


Sincerely, we, the people. 

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