Free Braxton "Swag" Pierce

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Braxton "Swag" Pierce is a competitive Counter Strike: Global Offensive player who was permanently banned for his involvement in match fixing against CLG while competing with Team iBuyPower.  Brax is not only one of the best players in NA, he can also be compared to some of the top players in the world.  He has played Counter Strike competitively since the age of 15, and can be described as one of the hardest working players, dedicating hours to practicing, as well as running a stream, officially partnered with C9.  He recently competed as the fifth member of C9 at CS Summit, and beat some of the best teams in the world until he was knocked out of the tournament by Optic via a 1-2 best of 3.

We understand that what Brax did was wrong.  However, I think it is time to let Brax compete at Valve sponsored tournaments once more.  He has publicly apologized, gained respect from the community, shown that he has learned from his mistakes, and overall shown that he can be professional once more.

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