Get Valve/Steam to fix VAC (Valve Anti Cheat)

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Valve Anti Cheat is messed up. They ban people who try and fail to hack, they fail to detect/don't ban cheaters on many games. They haven't managed to find a way to stop Anti-VAC hacks on older games. They make it the game sharers fault if one of their friends cheats. Older games are so full of hackers that people just give up, and the people that do play end up in a hacked lobby/server, or lose their ability to have fun with such games.

VAC has been messed up for a long time, it's so well known that some of my console gaming friends don't want to even try PC gaming because of all the hackers. Valve can most likely fix this easily but they don't seem to care.

Take a look at some games that are full of hackers, any Call Of Duty before 2013, all the Counter Strike series, even Team Fortress 2, a once amazing game destroyed by cheaters.

In this petition I request that:

  • Valve get rid of the family sharing vac policy
  • They work on finding ways to detect if a hack/cheat is successful or unsuccessful
  • They update their system to detect more cheats and work around Anti-VAC hacks
  • They undo all previous VAC Bans to wipe the slate clean
  • They try not to ban people using visual/graphical tools
  • They have a limit of one day before a hacker gets banned
  • They continue to support old games that are infested with hackers

I hope readers sign this petition as it does affect how players enjoy games on steam, and I know many people would disagree with the 'Wiping the slate clean' and getting rid of the Family Sharing policy, but I bet you have made the dumb mistake of cheating (either successfully or not) and regret it, and maybe one of your friends cheated on a game that you shared with them. Sign this and it will all start over.

Alex, a proud PC Gamer


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