Valve Corp, Do Not Publish "Super Seducer"!

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Screenshot image from "Super Seducer's" game page on Steam. 

In the past few days, it has come to our attention that there is a game called "Super Seducer" that has been both greenlit by Valve Corp's online market Steam. The object of the game is to seduce multiple women in live action sequences by choosing the correct dialog options. These options range from very obscene to barely acceptable. More specifically, options can go as bad as unwanted touching, and shaming the woman in question for not engaging in sexual behavior with the protagonist. Furthermore, options deemed as the correct answers are aimed to take control away from the woman in question and induce guilt in them, all with the end goal of engaging in sexual behavior with the woman.

With this in mind, it's apparent that  the game's goal is to teach men that women are objects to be used for their own sexual pleasure. This is evident in intermissions where two scantily-clad women lay on a mattress to reward the player for correct options, and they dress up when the player chooses a neutral option, therefore lessening the reward. Granted, there are intermissions where the protagonist shames the player for sexually-harassing/abusive options.

However, the message the game sends is not one of mutual respect. Actually, it isn't a stretch to say that this game may spread rape culture even further if released, what with the mistreatment and objectification of women.

Valve Corporation, do not support this creator by publishing this game on your store.