Stop Censoring Games on Steam like Huniepop!

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I am sick and tired of games needing this or that. Games that are fun and have story and even games that don't. No matter the game I am tired of having content cut. Content the developer worked hard for and content I want to see no matter the prefix you give me, the developer or anyone else.

I think it's about time that we all just learnt to deal with our choices. If we want to see blood, that is our choice, just like if I play Call of Duty or any other modern game I expect to see blood.

So why is it when we play games like HuniePop or Crush Crush or other games people may say are beyond lewd and say we don't have the right to make the choice. The choice if I want to see the content that dictates the characters clothing levels! If I can play Postal 2, use a cat as a suppressor, mow down a mob of protesters and urinate on them all and on top of that proceed to set them on fire. why the hell do they censor the human crotch and or chest...of all the things to censor, this is where the line is drawn?

All the Valve Corporation has to do (Steam), is give us the tools to choose and the tools to filter. Warn us of content within' it and simply give the choice to the people. Of course there are laws that prevent some places from certain content but everyone knows there is nothing stopping America seeing a little bit of chest.

We know it's hard Valve but please, make a start! Give us what we need to have more choice on your platform, the very reason we use Steam.

Let us make our own mistakes, Steam. Give us the tools to choose and we will make our own choices. Thank you and please, support the cause of open choice.


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