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Valve Corporation: Remove WarZ from the Steam Market pending further investigation

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WarZ has been accused of fraud by a number of its players, who are banned and unable to play the game. The company has also been accused of banning legitamite players simply because they know they will buy the game again, instead of just banning hackers and rule breakers. The have also been said to ban players who have requested a refund after discovering the game is not what was advertized, only to threaten they will blacklist their PayPal accounts if they do. The game previously boasted private servers, skills that could be learned, four different maps each over 100 square kilometers, and hardcore mode upon its release. There are no private servers unless you pay extra for them, Hardcore mode was added only after enough people complained, and there is only one map, and it is only a pathetic ten square kilometers--nowhere NEAR the 100 square kilometers still advertized on Steam. The company has even allegedly talked about cancelling all development and abandoning the game if they do not make a certain amount of money after six months. Despie being advertized as a finished product, the game is still very broken and still very much in development--assuming that the company behind WarZ actually plans to finish the game at all. Furthermore, the company has very recently patched their game to increase respawn time unless players buy an additional in-game product so they can respawn instantly. However, what's really the problem is they have changed their terms of service on all players, declaring they will no longer allow refunds. They didn't allow refunds before, but now they're trying to cover themselves legally on a game that is already falsely advertized, which is illegal as-is.

Are these allegations just an internet hoax of a sore-sport group of DayZ fans and stupid kids who got banned for breaking the rules? Or is this a serious case of fraud?

The request is simple; stop the sale of WarZ on the Steam marketplace until an investigation is conducted.

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