Refund Demand for Star Forge Players And Steam Store Removal of Star Forge

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Due to deceptive practices, Code Hatch rushed the release of Star Forge on Valve's Steam Store. Star Forge was advertised vastly different than the released product. Multiple features were either removed or not implemented due to development issues such as different game modes, weapon progression, space building, Founder's Club items, etc. It is overwhelmingly regarded by the community of players on Steam that the game was misrepresented to customers, unable to deliver on specific features as advertised, and gross-misconduct by the Developers (Code Hatch) resulted in the game's release in an incomplete state thus resulting in customers unable to receive legitimate refunds.

Reviews reflect an overwhelming negative reaction from customers who have purchased the game. This evidence can be found here;

Steam Store Star Forge Reviews (Steam Site)


Valve has rejected requests to refund Star Forge under the terms that the game has been released. This all despite the community reaction and in ignorance of the facts of the current status of the product in its inability to deliver as advertised. It was explicitly stated by Code Hatch on Indiegogo various elements such as infinite voxel terrain would be included in the game. A detailed list can be found there which describes the features which the money from the fund raising will be used for.


The impact of this event presents a serious negative view of the "gamer" community with regards to supporting pre-release games. Upon investigation of the Reign of Kings Steam forums, players can be found debating the support of the developer in their new development. Reign of Kings also being developed by Code Hatch. 

It is now that we formally demand refund of our purchase of Star Forge from either the Valve Corporation or Code Hatch inc. We also recommend a review of Valve's continuance to offer Star Forge for purchase as its continuing support of the product on the Steam Store only supports the actions of Code Hatch in releasing a falsely advertised and incomplete product.


Please see references below;

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Steam Store :Star Forge Player Discussions

Code Hatch Developer Annoucement on Steam Store Customer Comments on Release (Found near bottom of the page.)

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Steam Store Star Forge Reviews (Steam Site)