Please convince Valve to add cp_snowplow to the End of the Line update in TF2!

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After waiting for a year now for the End of the Line update, we finally got it, but cp_snowplow was cancelled because it was deemed to confusing. The players want cp_snowplow to be added

Cp_snowplow was a map that was being beta tested for several months for EotL. It was worked on by Joseph "Fr0z3n" Radak and Tim "YM" Johnson. It required much time and effort with extensive playtesting that a few dozen playtesters helped test. Each test was important for tweaking the map to approach its full potential. When Public Beta testing was out, many more people were able to test and allowed the map makers to make further tweaks. 

Valve had some of their own playtesters test the map as well and helped us determine other changes that needed to be made. They never told the map makers that it was too confusing though, which is apparently the reason for it being cancelled from the update.

This is a post by Joseph Radak about EotL:

"Hey guys, 

So by now you have probably seen the End of the Line Update release over at If you haven't you totally need to right now, just click here and your browser will be wisped off to the pure awesome that the update is. If you're still reading this, and you haven't seen the update, warning, there are spoilers from the film and the update ahead.

You will have noticed that the map is not part of the update page. This is because it is not officially part of the shipped update. On Novemeber 13th, YM and I found out that the map was cut from the update. The reason given was that Valve felt it was 'too confusing and challenging for new players.' What that exactly means, we have no idea. That being said, we're able to publically release the map for you guys, along with all the awesome assets that were created for it. We've bundled everything up into a single pack - “The End of the Line Prop Pack” which you can download below. 

Tim and I will continue to update the map when it's needed.

Tim and I would like to extend our thanks out to all the testers of the “End of the Testing” steam group and the public testers who came out to play the map when the map went into the public testing phase. We'd also like to thank the film team for their time in creating all the custom map assets and particles. Finally, we'd like to give our biggest thanks to James McVinnie, who started and lead the whole End of the Line Update. Without him, this map would have not have been made. 

We'll be having the map up on a couple of our servers 24/7 for a little while, so you can all get a chance to play the map."

Please TFTeam of Valve, add cp_snowplow to the End of the Line update! It is only day one and it is not over yet! As one of the testers, this is very frustrating as I was very excited about this update.

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