Implement Steam regional pricing for MENA region.

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A single triple A game can cost 60$ on Steam. You can make that much in a day in a 1st world country, but you can make that much in 1 week in 3rd world countries like mine, maybe even more for much poorer countries.

Players have no choice but to sail the seas and pirate games due to the absurd prices, many countries got the regional pricing feature, and now it is time to include MENA region as well since the market is big enough and it's getting even bigger. 

The point is clear : We need a store that supports local currencies and developers to support regional pricing for the Middle East & North Africa region.


Update: Thank you guys for the 10000 signatures, so proud of this community. The only official statement we got from Valve is the following text : 

"Steam is always working with publishers to adjust prices to be in line with what can be found at local retailers and online shops.At this time, we do not have further information regarding prices or change in currency for your specific region."

Valve support did not specify if they are working on it currently, but knowing that they add several countries every year, we shall see.

Props to IGN MENA, Rawa TV, Games Mix, SaudiGamer, Geekawa, and Gamers Rules for sharing the petition.

Again thanks to anyone who signed and spread the word !