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Petitioning Valve Corporation Gabe Newell and 1 other

Valve Corporation: Development of an Official Windows Phone 8 App

Windows Phone OS is the third most popular Mobile Operating System in the whole world with its easy to use interface, Innovative Live Tiles, Fast and Fluid Navigation between apps, and Heavy Integration with the Family of Windows Desktop OS which currently [as of April 2013] holds over 90% of the Market share in the whole Industry deserves an Official App for Steam by Valve Corporation. This app would help and has been long due to the fans and Gamers all around the world which are keen supporters and users of both the services The Steam Mobile service is currently only available to iOS and Android users. A good Official steam app containing all the features of its iOS and Android equivalents whilst utilising the Design and Features of the Windows Phone OS would be Ideal and immensely useful as we all know that steam is a major gaming hub on the PC, mostly on the Windows Desktop OS it is only fair that Steam gets an Official App by the Valve Corporation on its Mobile Counterpart.

Letter to
Valve Corporation Gabe Newell
Valve Corporation Webmaster
Windows Phone OS is one of the best mobile OS in the world. Currently ranked 3rd in the Worldwide Mobile OS Market Share Value Windows Phone has immense potential. Please make a dedicated Steam official app for the Windows Phone Mobile OS which has the required features like accessing the Steam Store, Buying games and DLC’s, Chatting with our friends etc. and that are optimised and use up the full potential of the wide range of features Windows Phone has to offer. It would be a great opportunity to reward the Mutual customers, fans and Gamers all around the world.