Allow Steam Users To Change Their Account Name

Allow Steam Users To Change Their Account Name

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The ability to change our Steam login/account name is a feature many Steam users have been wanting for a long time, however it has yet to be implemented. That’s why I’ve started this petition, as I feel it’s a feature that’s long overdue.

There are multiple reasons as to why someone would want to have their account name changed, however I find these to be the 2 main ones:

- For older users that had to use their then e-mail addresses for logging in. They have since either stopped using the address or have lost access, and thus it’s become irrelevant to them.

- Users who were young when they signed up pick a name they are then-happy with, fast forward a couple of years, they now find the name embarrassing.

Even though only account owners see and type the name in, it still bothers many users and would mean a lot to them to change it.

I’m sure users would be open to having the account name change go through a moderation process or something of that nature. Such as having it as something you can only do through Steam support, as security measure.

Also, I’m certain that the users who’d want this feature are in the group of users that are active and continue to invest their time and money in the Steam platform.