Valve, Bethesda: Make Dishonored the same game for everyone without splitting us by region

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As we remember, Dishonored was always split by region in Steam Store and Community Hub because ROW version and, so called, Russian/RHCP versions have different App IDs. We didn't pay any attention to that until you added the "(RU)" tag to the game's title which have been displayed for others every time we launched the game. We are okay with region restrictions since the prices for games in different regions may be higher or lower but we are not okay with splitting the community, the players and their content they add in the game hub to be separated by region specific App ID and of course we are totally not okay with adding any tags to games' title. Why would you even make two separate versions of the same game for different regions as you did with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and some other games? Also there is an issue with those who actually live in EU, who payed for the game in Euros and still got that "(RU)" or "(RHCP)" tag.

We are demanding you to make Dishonored on Steam the same game with the same App ID for every region and just put the necessary region restrictions for the price and bring together the community hubs so everyone can access any content from any region and when creating new content everyone should know that it will be visible for everyone, not just for those from the same region. If it is by some reason impossible, at least remove the tag from game's title. Let it be "Dishonored" as it was initially.

Here is the link to the Steam discussion thread about this issue:

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