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Value Pet Clinic: Pledge to stop offering cat declawing procedures at all of their clinics

Declawing a cat is inhumane. Declawing is actually an amputation of the last joint of a cat's "toes." It is a painful surgery, with a painful recovery period. Many European countries have outlawed declawing, and even the notoriously conservative AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) advises that declawing should be done only as a last resort. If a veterinarian actually cares about animals, they should never promote cat declawing. Any veterinarian that promotes cat declawing procedures should never be entrusted with any animal's care. People need to know that declawing a cat is wrong. Value Pet Clinics should show that they care about their patients (the animals) and tell the public that declawing a cat is inhumane.

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