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Victorian paramedics are the highest trained and achieve the best cardiac arrest survival outcomes in Australia. Yet  they are also the lowest paid paramedics in the country.

That's why up to half of all Victorian paramedics - 1500 - are planning to leave Victoria to practice their skills in other states that have far better wages and conditions, a recent survey found. Victoria pays its paramedics up to 30% less than other states. Victorian paramedics are finding it harder and hard to support their families on their current wages.

An exodus of this many paramedics would have a devastating impact on emergency reponse times in Victoria and put lives at risk.

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Letter to
Premier Denis Napthine
Victorian paramedics are the highest trained paramedics in Australia. They achieve the best cardiac arrest survival outcomes, diagnose and treat serious medical conditions such as heart attack, stroke, anaphylaxis, meningococcal disease and sepsis. They perform advanced clinical skills such as placing patients into an induced coma (Rapid Sequence Intubation) and the surgical insertion of an airway (Cricothyroidotomy). They also deliver Australia’s most advanced pre-hospital management of obstetric emergencies and subsequent care of mother and baby.
They are constantly advancing their skills with cutting edge clinical interventions such as 12 Lead ECG and thrombolysis for heart attack patients, as well as new intravenous drug and fluid therapies.

Despite this Victorian paramedics are the lowest paid in Australia and many are considering moving interstate where they will be paid up to 30% more to practice their skills.

I am signing this petition to encourage your Government to deliver Victorian paramedics a wage outcome that values the outstanding work that they perform in treating Victorian patients.

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