Reinstate Coach James McFadden as VAAS Baseball Head Coach

Reinstate Coach James McFadden as VAAS Baseball Head Coach

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Justin Lowman started this petition to Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences and

We, the undersigned group of Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences (VAAS) Vipers Baseball community---players and families past, present, and future as well as other baseball affiliates---demand that VAAS administration reinstate James McFadden as VAAS Vipers Baseball Head Coach, effective immediately.  We believe that Coach McFadden was wrongfully dismissed.  We also believe that VAAS has a duty to the student-athletes to bring Coach McFadden back to his community, a resounding majority who believe in him as a person of integrity and high moral character; he is a top-notch high school baseball coach.

The decision that was made by VAAS administration has immediate and serious consequences. The overwhelming majority of players and families are devastated.  Coach McFadden’s personal and professional future is significantly compromised.

We support Coach McFadden based on our frequent, long term, first-hand experiences and knowledge of the following:

  • Coach McFadden is fully committed to every single player regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or other type of visible/hidden disability. He is all-inclusive. He is definitely not a racist nor a homophobe. 
  • Coach McFadden always welcomes players of any skill level and creates an environment where players of all ages and skill levels welcome new players that are younger and/or less experienced with open arms. It’s a mentoring system that is rare. 
  • Not once did Coach McFadden cut a player from his team. Anyone who wants to play can. He believes that with hard work and determination, even a player with no experience can learn and play the game.
  • Coach McFadden always makes it clear that players are students first, athletes second.  School always comes first for him.  Coach McFadden requires all players to carry a 2.5 G.P.A., .5 points higher than is required.
  • Coach McFadden can celebrate having coached both 2020 VAAS Co-Valedictorians.
  • Coach McFadden regularly checks on the players’ grades and ensures that school work is completed first, even if it means missing practice or a game.
  • If Coach McFadden is contacted by a teacher or the school regarding any concerns or issues (academic or behavior) with any of the players or the team as a whole, those issues are immediately addressed and resolved. VAAS seems to rely heavily on McFadden’a ability to motivate struggling kids even off the field as it pertains to academics and behavior.
  • Coach McFadden is fully committed to the VAAS Baseball program and has invested countless hours into building a very successful program both on and off the field as well as improving the field itself.
  • Since taking over as Head Coach for the VAAS Vipers, Coach McFadden has led teams to the 2017 Division III CIF LA City Section Championship and the 2019 Division II CIF LA City Section Championship, not to mention the 2018 Division II CIF LA City Section Semi Final. The 2020 team was well on its way to earning a third title from what even other coaches were seeing.
    VAAS Vipers Baseball players have earned top honors, 3 consecutive CIF LACS and CIF Valley League MVP titles; 2017 Eric Vargas; 2018 Miles Anderson; 2019 Rasheed Bilal.  VAAS Vipers Catcher Miles Anderson was named to the All State Team in 2018 and 2019.  
  • Coach McFadden was awarded the Division III CIF LA City Section Coach of the Year Award in 2017  and the Division II CIF LA City Section Coach of the Year Award in 2019. 
    Based on the past successes of the program, the 2020 VAAS Vipers were able to grow and demonstrate a very successful and promising JV squad.  
  • Student-athletes choose to attend VAAS to play for Coach McFadden.  
  • Many families are quite enthused by the emphasis on Arts, Sciences, and also what comes with a baseball program such as Coach McFadden's, a nice fit to be sure. 
  • Coach McFadden ensures that the team is provided with conditioning, strength-training, and yoga to avoid injuries and to strengthen players both physically and mentally.
  • Coach McFadden forges meaningful relationships/partnerships with other high schools/baseball communities that benefit the players now and their futures, especially for those who wish to play after high school. Some are playing at the college level because of him.

Coach McFadden’s goal is to build a great team with great players, which also means pushing them to become strong, well-rounded individuals off the field, as well. Player integrity and character is evident with current as well as former players for some of the following reasons:

  • Players participate in fundraisers for VAAS including such things as the Lip Sync Battle
  • Players perform community service at Granada Hills Little League by umpiring, helping with clinics, mentoring little league players, and beautifying the facilitates.
  • Players are also part of an ‘in-house” mentoring program designed by McFadden by which older players (“Big Vipers”) pair up with the new/younger players (“Little Vipers.”)
  • Alumni return frequently to help with the team as well to enjoy the family they have grown to become a part.

As is evidenced from such a long list of accomplishments over just four years, this is an unprecedented success story for a high school baseball program.  This is a direct reflection of Coach McFadden’s unselfish acts and dedication to his players.  Through his program, Coach McFadden’s players learn valuable life lessons: hard work, determination, emotional stamina, failures can lead to success, mistakes happen, group dynamics are stronger than the individual, bigger isn’t always better, and so on… 

The results speak for themselves: four seasons in a row, scrappy individuals did great things as a team.  These are the results of Coach McFadden’s dedication to baseball, the players, their families, and his undying ethos; he roots for the underdogs! Coach McFadden has created a baseball family, a VAAS baseball family, a group of individuals that believe whole-heartedly that his dismissal is unjust, and that a better approach would be to support his own growth and development in such a learning environment as VAAS.  The following signatures reflect this belief.

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