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Cancel / withdraw Peter Andre's "Valletta Cultural Ambassador" award


Such a decision shoud be made public! We should not get to know the news after all ceremonies are over! No one knew what was going on and no one ever imagined such a cheap news to hit our City! Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage City, its history and glory are of paramount importance to us who were born, raised and vow to die here! This is worse than a national issue, this is OUR Capital City! We highly disagree the chosen ambassador has any credentials to be awarded such a pretigious and important title! Valletta shall only be handled with honour, respect, dignity and pure love for its worth! It is beyond materialism! VALLETTA to us is a bloodline, a religion, a belonging, a reason to come home! Peter Andre should be the last person to carry such title! Shame on you, whoever decided this without any publicity to the public! This is 100 times worse than Enrique Iglesias' title! We Citizens should have a right to voice our feelings!!! This is OUR CITY!!!

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