Accountability for pot holes in Montreal.

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Montreal has some of the worst roads in the world. Every year, construction companies are hard at work filling potholes created during winter. As a result, many cars navigate a plethora of potholes to get to their destination every year. 10's of thousands of CAD $'s in damage is caused to vehicles using these pothole infested roads with zero accountability due to law. A law that the Quebec Government put into place. That's correct. The Government that is responsible for the roads, has a law that prevents you from holding them accountable for bad roads. Very convenient!

Despite that legal restriction, it is still possible to sue the Quebec Ministry of Transport, a municipality or a city for carelessness or negligence or misconduct by the authority in question. The burden of proof, however, rests with the motorist (that means you). The process can take up to 5 years to make a claim and 9 out of 10 cases are unsuccessful. As a result, many motorists simply pay out of pocket for the damages and never bother to make a claim.

Something has to change. Either the Quebec Ministry of Transport, Municipality or City, have to be held accountable or they will simply not make the pothole problem a priority for the motorists that have to use it. It is our tax dollars that pay for these roads.

There are better solutions out there. Simply patching a pothole using large teams of workers at great expense, is outdated, ineffective and temporary. But the City has no interest in making this a priority or finding a better solution because there is zero accountability for the damage caused to motor vehicles due to potholes.

If we, the taxpayer and motorist, can hold the city accountable by changing the law that suits only the Quebec Ministry of Transport, municipality or city, they will have no choice but to look at a better way to serve the motorist that use these pothole infested roads. Why should we pay for their negligence when we've paid already in the form of taxes!

Please join me by voting for change in the law so that the Quebec Ministry of Transport, municipality or city, can be held accountable for their failure to serve the Canadian motorist.