March 6, 2021
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Started by Sheena Zemke

The animal welfare in Valencia County, NM is in dire conditions and needs action for change NOW. On Dec 23rd, 2020 a meeting was held online via Zoom on the Valencia County Admin and Gov Facebook page where it was decided by the majority of county commissioners to not move forward with updating the animal control ordinance at this time, the only yes was from commissioner Gerard Saiz. Instead, the decision was to wait until an undetermined time when covid-19 restrictions are lifted to hold in-person town hall meetings or public hearings. Meanwhile, the animal welfare issues continue to stand as they are currently and chronically. Other business needs are still being carried out online and in person, just with the proper covid-19 precautions in place.

I have personally tried to get this important issue in front of the board for discussion for the last 3 YEARS, but nothing has happened in all of this time. Many excuses have been given, and covid-19 is another. It is important to update the current old ordinance for example because it does not define what adequate shelter is for animals who live outside 24/7/365, ie: basic necessities like bedding and insulation in dog houses to keep warm in winter, a sound structure to protect against the elements, or shade from the hot summer sun, ALL not required or able to be legally enforced. 

We the people of Valencia County, as the constituents of our elected officials, are calling on the county commissioners to agree to hold virtual public meetings or in-person town hall meetings now (with covid-19 precautions for in person as needed) so that there is no longer any more unnecessary further delays with this very important issue within our community, and to vote yes on updating the ordinance to include some of the following key points: definitions for adequate shelter, attended tethering, more clear and defined outlines for breed licensing, and spay neuter compliance (all very important factors to address the pet overpopulation problem here). We are also asking that the county funds and budget be allocated appropriately to address the above issues, have a proper data base registry system software in place to sufficiently track & record, hire more ACO's (animal control officer) as needed per our population size to properly enforce the ordinance (side note, we need more law enforcement officers in ValCo too), and update the definition of an ACO & get them deputized. A full time veterinarian position was just approved 5/2021 which is a great step in the right direction to provide no/low cost spay/neuter services to the public, to make use of the established spay/neuter clinic at the shelter completed in 2016. The current ordinance is lacking in important details that help to protect our animals & the public. Adopting this ordinance will not only SAVE MONEY & LIVES, but will positively impact the county in many other ways. It is important to change the cultural mindset around animal care here and this can be accomplished with good laws and education. You cannot enforce good laws if they do not exist, and we must also realize we cannot rescue or adopt our way out of this. There is power in number's, so let us all stand together as one united voice for this cause and show our commissioners we collectively support this & this matters to us.

Please sign and share this petition with all of your friends, family, and fellow residents of Valencia County and this will get on the desk of our elected officials and those within our local government that can vote yes for this cause and get the ball rolling for good change in this county. We need as many signature’s as possible to make the biggest impact. Better days are ahead, we can do this! The time is NOW, TAKE ACTION! Action speaks louder than words.

"If not me, who? If not now, when?"-Emma Watson

"Justice delayed is justice denied"-William E. Gladstone

“We the people are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts, not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the constitution”-Abraham Lincoln.  










www.bernco.gov › animal-care-services › animal_care_ord_9-2013

Support now
Signatures: 2,346Next Goal: 2,500
Support now

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