Valencia Class of 2020 NEEDS a GOOD Ceremony

Valencia Class of 2020 NEEDS a GOOD Ceremony

May 3, 2020
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Started by Jane & John Doe

Dear Valencia College.. YOU NEED TO DO BETTER let me show you where your standards should be

UCF - UCF actually took the time to say each of their graduate’s names and had a tasteful ceremony on COVID-19 standards 

Polk State College - Is going to reschedule and is looking into the possibility of having these graduates walk during the fall. 

Seminole State College - WILL let their graduates walk in the fall...

BUT yet Valencia College graduates get a prerecorded 5 minute ceremony & a slideshow that looks like it was made in an assembly line on PowerPoint. Our tuition dollars deserve better! 

The class of 2020 was shorted out of a genuine graduation. We understand these are pressing times during the COVID-19 Pandemic but other colleges and academic institutions have shown that you can still have a great and memorable graduation. Which is exactly what Valencia College DID NOT. Not only was the class of 2020 only greeted by a 5 minute commencement ceremony but the graduates didn’t even hear their name called by a human being. Instead a Siri like voice says your name (most likely wrong) and you also receive nothing but a slideshow that looks like it was created by an amateur graphic design student (actually I don’t mean to insult graphic design students at Valencia THEY COULD HAVE DONE A BETTER JOB). For 2-4 years of dedication and hard work this is the best that a multi million dollar for profit college can muster? This petition is to tell Valencia that the Class of 2020 deserves a genuine ceremony, UCF led by example and showed what a good quarantine ceremony looks like along with other universities following suit. Either give these hardworking students another REAL ceremony when this COVID epidemic ends or TRY AGAIN, and give more effort into giving these students what they truly deserve. It is ridiculous that this little effort was given from the college itself. If you had put in more than a couple days worth of effort you could have done a proper ceremony but corners were cut and it showed. After all the hard work these students put in... this is so disappointing... if you support this petition it shows that they can’t escape by doing the bare minimum for people who have given the maximum effort for 2-4 years..


This petition made change with 395 supporters!

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