Stop Valeant Pharmaceuticals from exploiting people with health problems.

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Martin Shkreli, dubbed 'Americas most hated man' was sentenced to 7 years in jail last year. He is widely known for raising the price of a life saving AIDs drug from $13.50 to $750 per pill, overnight.

It has just come to light that the Valeant Pharmaceuticals have been quietly working to appeal Shkreli's sentence and have been paying MILLIONS in legal fees. Shkreli could be released in a matter of months. Valeant have been paying off a media company to keep their silence.

It is believed that Shkreli has been guaranteed an executive position at Valeant Pharmaceuticals once he is released from jail. Valeant owns hundreds of drugs and there is much uncertainty over whether the prices of these drugs will have a large increase. 

We must stand up against large corporations such as Valeant to stop them exploiting vulnerable populations. Making money from human suffering is unacceptable.

When Shkreli raised the price of the drug Daraprim in 2016 many hospitals had no stock of the drug for many months with some patients even being advised to 'go to Canada to seek care'. Some hospitals were forced to use alternative therapies which were less effective.

Dr. David Kimberlin had only a month to get his patient on Daraprim. His patient was a pregnant woman due to give birth in September. But in August, the doctor learned of the drug's price hike: a treatment which usually costs him less than $50 a month was now costing him $3000. Babies born with the infection would have a yearly treatment cost of $70,000. Very fortunately, his pharmacist found an old supply on the shelves already- a lucky break Kimberlin says, which saved this baby's life.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals have often drastically raised the price on life saving drugs, with the executives reaping the profits.

However, Valenant has now gone a step further in aiding 'America's most hated man' to not only get back to society, but to be given a C-level position and the means to continue committing the same crimes against vulnerable people and their families. Help us to ensure this will not happen.


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