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Microneedling for VA Master Estheticians

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I would like to request, on the behalf of Virginia Master Estheticians, that Microneedling be added to the scope of practice for Master Esthetician in the State of Virginia, with limitations and safety guidelines and protocols.

We, as Master Estheticians are very educated in the State of VA, for requirements of safe practices to keep the public safe in our treatment rooms, during services, also with pre/post safety guidelines and sanitation protocols. We believe that with our education in Master Esthetics in the State of VA, a 1200 hour requirement along  with hundreds of hands on services, we have learned how to properly use, maintain, and educate our clients to receive this advanced modality.  

With our education on Chemical peels, microdemabrasion, and MLD training we learn extensively how the skin repairs itself, the healing process, and how to carefully treat within the Epidermis, Microneedling up to 1.5 is treating within the Epidermis. By adding specific protocols to our syllabus and how-to education, with guidelines, microneedling will be a great opportunity for growing Master Estheticians. 

This modality is important to us on many levels. First and foremost the repair of scar tissue and hyperpigmentation, which is one of the leading reasons clients seek out advanced treatments from a Master Esthetician. Staying within the Epidermis we can carefully and safely help then towards better skin. 

Public safety is the reason the Board over sees Master Estheticians. Microneedling is on the rise due to media, celebrities, and health care professionals. Our public can easily access this modality by purchase online, that may come as an import with no real safety standards. Hence doing more harm, possible damage while treating themselves. By putting this into the hands of a Professional Master Esthetician, the Board, the public and our colleagues can rest assured that clients with be handled with safety and sanitation protocols in place to provide a treatment in a clean and controlled environment. We have tostay abreast in the ever evolving Esthetics industry. This is the current treatment our clients desire. We are educated to provide this safely. 


Utah has recently added microneedling to the Scope of Master Esthetician. Utah, much like Virginia, holds a very high standard in requirements to obtain a ME licence. Below is the recent update to Utah LME. 

R156-lla-103. Authority- Purpose.
This rule is adopted by the Division under the authority of
Subsection 58-1-106(1)(a) to enable the Division to administer Title 58,
Chapter 11 a.
R156-lla-611. Standards for Approval of Mechanical or Electrical
In accordance with Subsections 58-11a-102(3l)[sic](a)(i)(G)(II)
and (H)\ the standards for approval of mechanical or electrical apparatus
shall be:
( 1) No mechanical or electrical apparatus that is considered a
prescription medical device by the FDA may be used by a licensee,,unless
such use is completed under the appropriate level of supervision by a
licensed health care practitioner acting within the licensed health care
practitioner's scope of practice.
'Although the Esthetic ian Licensing Act Rule references Subsection (3l)(a)(i)(G) of its "governing
statute" (Utah Code Ann.§ 58-11a-102), it is clear that this is a typographical error, and that the rule
should in fact, reference Subsection (34)(a)(i)(G) of Utah Code Ann. § 58-Ha-102. (It may be prudent for
DOPL to amend R156-11a-611 such that it accurately cross-references the correct subsection ofUtah
Code Ann. § 58-11a-102.)
(5) To be approved, a microneedling device shall:
(a) be used only by a master esthetician:
(i) without supervision if needle penetration does not exceed
1.5 mm; or
(ii) with general supervision by a licensed health care
practitioner if needle penetration exceeds 1.5 mm; and
(b) be used specifically

By signing the petition you're staying you are in the State of Virginia and an Esthetician or Master Esthetician and you're in support of the State board to add the modality of Microneedling not to exceed 1.5mm to be performed by a licenced Master Esthetician. 

Thank you for your support. Please add where your from in VA if possible. 

Thank you, 

Natalie Butcher, Master Esthetician.

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