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Use Veterans Affairs' Emergency Power for High-Priced Medicines to Treat Former Military

Secretary McDonald, we bring to your attention that currently active military and veterans are denied the new "miracle" drugs that could save their lives.

Please support the Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Senate Committee's request that the VA use emergency power and buy generics for a fraction of the cost or override the patents on high-priced hepatitis C medicines.

Congress has allocated a fraction of the funding needed for the expensive break-though therapies that offer a possible cure for veterans.

Hepatitis C is much more than a liver disease. Almost all patients reported at least one complication. There is no known medical study that supports the VA denial of treatment and nothing in the policy that grants the right to withhold a potentially life-saving cure, particularly on the perverse and pretextual ‘basis’ that it is not ‘medically necessary.

Please acknowledge the urgent need for these medications. Help save veterans' lives and improve the quality of life for others. Use your power to purchase generics that are now available and made by the same manufacture at a fraction of the cost. Please treat the veterans.




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Inform your representatives and community Hepatitis C is Much More Than a Liver Disease. Free Flyer at

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