Demand the VA stop experimenting on dogs

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The research using dogs has not provided any new breakthroughs in medicine since the 1960's.  This research is cruel and unnecessary.  According to USA Today article dated Sept. 25, 2017: 

". . . most such research hasn’t translated to humans. They contend the VA is relying on outdated models that don’t fully take into account scientific advances that may provide alternatives to dogs as research subjects.

“The VA is abusing its authority and fear-mongering to defend taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs that are cruel and unlikely to help veterans or anybody else,” said Justin Goodman, vice president of White Coat Waste Project, an advocacy group that wants to cut off money for the agency’s dog experiments.

He and others say researchers made the same arguments about chimpanzees until a federal study found that most experiments on chimps were unnecessary and the National Institutes of Health stopped funding research using chimpanzees in 2015.

Only three VA facilities are currently conducting the type of research that would be affected by the House-passed legislation — those studies that involve pain for the dogs, including when medications are administered to relieve it.

In Milwaukee, VA researchers looking for ways to decrease pain without slowing breathing are using dogs to study neurons that control breathing rates.

In those experiments, researchers place the dogs under anesthesia and remove parts of their brains to cause a complete loss of consciousness and sensation, according to research protocol documents. They then perform tests on neurons in the dogs' brain stems before killing the dogs by lethal injection."