Change the place of Defense Expo in Lucknow and not to cut 6400 trees

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As Lucknow has 3 times more toxic air compared to Delhi in latest reports, UP govt. have decided to cut down 6400 trees from Hanuman setu to nishatganj for Defence expo and forest officials already told if plants are relocated then they will not survive. Unite to change the location of Defence expo as they also promised to plant the trees in place of trees which had gone cut for metro construction but it never happened. Defense expo can be organized on other place where there is no requirement to cutting of trees or at least to minimize the amount of trees. And for replantation they have also demanded for around 60 lakh rupees, use this money for more plantation of trees instead of cutting down and replanting them. May your one click can change the fate and can contribute to good will. The whoke world is now united united against climate change as it is a global problem and the biggest problem we are facing. Raise your voice, it is the time to stand, to take some step. One cannot do anything by own but if we come together then definitely we are going to change something. We are the most intelligent species till, it's time to prove this because any intelligent species will not destroy it's only home.

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