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End all Live Shipments to Eilat, our tourist city in Israel. Stop the unbearable stench from maggots, feces and rotting animal bodies!

Almost 200,000 animals are shipped yearly on death boats from Australia to the city of Eilat, Israel. Each year thousands of animals die from starvation, torture, injuries and diseases on these live shipments.

They are kept for weeks on ships in terrible conditions and many die on the way and are thrown in the ocean. Many get injured during "loading" and “unloading” and transport to and from the ships. Legs are broken, the animals are pushed, thrown, shocked, and beaten, animals try to escape, and many die from stress. They are shipped to the port of Eilat, and transported in all weather, including highest heat waves of summer (45+ degrees C), to the quarantine area where they remain for 1 month. From there they are again transported again to the Israeli and Palestinian slaughterhouses.

Undercover Videos from the last couple of years, have shown the violence and abuse used on the poor beings during the unloading. Further investigation shows abuse on the transports to and in the slaughterhouses.

Each time a ship arrives, the unbearable stench turns the city, into a stinking hole, with smells of feces, maggots, unwanted flies and rotting animal bodies.

We demand from the Minister of Tourism, Yariv Levin, to stop the cruelty, to stop the torture shipments to Eilat!

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