A Letter of Support for the UWC Pakistan Class of 2020

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The UWC movement was founded on the belief that quality education should be made accessible to all, regardless of their economic or social background. However, due to circumstances outside UWC’s control, in the past few days, a number of UWC Pakistan 2020 scholars have been informed of news that is inconsistent with our core values.

In 2014, UWC and the AMAN Foundation jointly developed the AMAN-UWC scholarship program with the aim of providing 100 scholarships to Pakistani students from underprivileged communities over a five year period. This has allowed countless students who’ve come from disadvantaged backgrounds to receive a transformational education.

However, the AMAN foundation has had to pull out at the last second, one year early, so many who had been selected (and already accepted their place) no longer have the funding to attend. The colleges, the Pakistani National Committee and the International Office are working hard to find alternative funding, but it is likely this will not cover every scholar.

We cannot completely understand what this must feel like, so here’s what some of the students have to say: “This was our dream, and we got it, only for it to be shattered. I feel numb because I don't understand what is going on. This feels like getting thrown out of your own family. I don’t know how I can handle this.”

Another student said, “UWC is something I’ve dreamt about for the longest time and there was nothing that made me happier than finding out that I was finally going to be able to live that dream when I got accepted to UWC Costa Rica,” they continued, “I was absolutely devastated to hear that this might be snatched away from me when the funding was withdrawn by AMAN Foundation, and any help that you could provide us with would really, really be appreciated.”

We want to demonstrate the power of the UWC Movement and the diversity we embody by working together to find a solution. We stand in solidarity with the affected students and the UWC Class of 2020 is working hard to explore every possible avenue to ensure every scholar is able to take their place. Together, we are compiling a list of donors and creating an information pack to encourage them to donate.

We believe that if all parties work together we can find a solution. As students, we are ready to assist the UWC organisations to ensure our co-years can take advantage of the countless opportunities UWC offers.

Thank you for your support, we deeply appreciate every bit of it. Together, we can demonstrate the power of the UWC Community.

- The UWC Class of 2020, on behalf of the effected students.

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