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UW: Be Fair! Give English Language Faculty a Fair Contract!

We are a group of University of Washington employees teaching English Language to matriculated and non-matriculated students. We are a dedicated and professional faculty, who are respected internationally with countless publications and presentations, and service to our field.  Some of us have worked in our department for over 30 years.

In 2011 we organized for collective bargaining rights and are a local with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

We have been in negotiations with the University of Washington since March 2012 to bargain our first contract. We have struggled to get the employer’s side to schedule meetings, engage in good faith bargaining, and take our concerns seriously.

Our proposals mostly maintain what we already do with a few rectifications to past inconsistencies. They also point the way forward to strengthen the department with an engaged, respected and committed faculty. 

To help us achieve settlement we requested mediation in September 2013. In response, the UW has declined the request and instead presented us with a ‘Last, Best and Final’ offer.

Their proposal

 - Takes away job security.
 - Has 70% of the faculty earning the minimum salary, even after over 15 years of service.
 - Continues the practice of paying less for the same work in summer.
 - Devalues experience and long-time contribution.
 - Harms our students, our field and the reputation of our university.

We are asking for a fair contract that

 - Invests in education and invests in the educators.
 - Provides job security.
 - Builds stability and a healthy workplace.
 - Promotes professionalism.
 - Rewards commitment.
 - Stops denying us what our peers have.

We are just asking the UW to Be Fair.  It’s not hard. 

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  • President, University of Washington
    Michael Young
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    David Szatmary

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