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Petitioning UVM's Board of Trustees

We ask that you demand Bill Rupprecht's resignation!

UVM Trustee Bill Rupprecht is the CEO of Sotheby's auction house in New York City. Despite earning more than $700 million in profit in 2010, the company pushed their art handlers out onto the street and has kept them locked out of their jobs for almost 6 months now. The company is demanding the following concessions: the right to eliminate the workers' 401k plan, a 10% reduction in pay, and the phasing out of full-time union jobs by replacing all vacant positions with low wage non-union temporary workers who would have no benefits, no job security, and no future!

Our university has a proud tradition of social responsibility. Trustee Rupprecht's continuing efforts to starve his employees (most of whom are people of color) into accepting the destruction of the jobs they rely upon to feed their families is simply unconscionable. We ask that UVM's board of trustees immediately demand
Rupprecht's resignation. As students, staff, faculty, and alumni of UVM, we simply cannot afford to be associated with such callous and indifferent behavior towards working families.


Along with signing this petition, we urge you to call or email these trustees and Governor Shumlin!

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