Medical Insurance Support for Our Police Personnel: They are our "first Line-Of-Defense"

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We have all heard or said sometime in our life that our police personnel are usually "fat and lethargic" or "not healthy". This thought has brought with it all the negative perceptions of inefficiency, low level of trust, corruption, etc in our policing system. But what exactly are the problems in our policing system? Since the police personnel all belong to the middle income and low-income families among us their problems can be as human as ours.

The answer is simple and can be defined in just 4 points:

1. Less fund allocation- which leads to less modernized and less resourceful police force.

2. No defined hours of work- which leads to improper sleeping and eating pattern(a major cause of obesity, diabetes, high-cholesterol and numerous other health issues)

3. Rule of "No-Transfer-in-hometown" and constant irregular transfers- this perhaps is one major concern for their health habits as when they live far away from their home they are not able to manage a healthy dietary pattern, which perhaps could have been managed with their family. Also, this constant staying away from their home makes them homesick and increases a lot of mental stress. As they also have their household responsibilities they are many times required to travel incessantly from their work place to hometown.

4. No medical cover- Last but not the least and perhaps the biggest problem is the absence of free medical cover for our police personnel. As these problems mount up one after other, they are faced with medical expenses for themselves and their families.

When some kind of a crime happens in our society or house we always look towards the police for justice and resolution but who will stand up for their cause? If we want the police system to get better then we need to get these basic issues resolved and make some noise so that our government listens.

Let's stand together and push this petition right up to our government's doorstep.

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