Cancellation of university EXAMS amid CORONA OUTBREAK

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The whole world is suffering from this pandemic which took over the world three months ago and is now spreading at a very fast speed. Today on 20th May 2020, Wednesday there are 107k active corona cases in india yet AKTU ( ABDUL KALAM TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY ) supports conducting of semester exams from 6th of july in 150 center all over the country which will involve thousands of students and there will be high risks for this virus to spread more.

AKTU stated that " if any student or worker is found positive during these exams then they'll pay his/her expenses for all the medical facilities and if someone died due to corona because of these exams they'll support the victims family financially by donating 5 lakh Rs " but this is not about money this is about our life and our well being. So therefore i want all of you to sign this petition and fight for yourself and your families cause your well being is what your loved ones seek and what you really need. 

The universities can support students under these circumstances by passing the results on the basis of our internal marks the whole world is making efforts to cope up with this pandemic so  instead of giving Rs. 5 lakh to future victims families just think of a more reasonable and logical solutions to this disaster.