Extend UTSC CR/NCR Date Until After Marks are Received!

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Currently during this covid-19 outbreak many students are uncertain and scared as to what is going to occur academic wise this term. Given this, University of Toronto St. George Campus, specifically the Faculty of Arts & Science, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering and the Rotman School of Management, have all decided to implement a policy that is aligned with the Faculty’s response during the 2015 CUPE 3902 strike, which similarly prevented the continuation of in-person exams. There was an extension of the CR/NCR deadline to after final grades have been released. 

All students at uoft on all three campuses are going through these struggles, not just utsg students and it is fair to say that these changes should apply to all students undergoing these hard times. Currently UTSC students only have an extension until April 25th . While we appreciate this change, we believe it is unfair to allow utsg to CR/NCR all courses even after they receive their marks and for this not to also apply to utsc students. 

UTSC students are petitioning for UTSC to follow these changes that have been implemented for utsg students and apply them to utsc students as well. We are asking for the following:

1) Extend the CR/NCR deadline until after we receive our marks

2) Allow CR/NCR on acorn instead of e-service like utsg, so utsc students can also select and deselect CR/NCR as they wish right up to they receive their grades.