Reinstate Prop 2

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On November 6th, 2018, Utah voters, participating in record numbers and wanting their voices heard, passed Proposition 2 to legalize medical cannabis by a margin of 53% - 47%. It represented a victory for democracy, regardless of one's position on the issue.

In previous legislative sessions, the Utah State House and Senate have refused to pass a bill legalizing medical cannabis, despite strong public sentiment and several opportunities to do so. This deliberate inaction by lawmakers led citizens to create the initiative and leave the issue up to Utah's voters. Once it became clear in the polls that Proposition 2 had widespread support and a significant chance of passing, legislators suddenly changed their tune from apathy to concern. A compromise had never been in the cards for these elected officials until it looked like they wouldn't be getting their own way.

All of this culminated today in 60 members of Utah's House of Representatives, 22 members of Utah's Senate, and Governor Gary Herbert completely disregarding the voice and will of Utah citizens by effectively repealing Proposition 2 with their own legislation (H.B. 3001). Not a single business day after Proposition 2 went into effect, state legislators blatantly silenced and disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Utah voters.

Repeal House Bill 3001 and reinstate Proposition 2 as approved by the majority of Utah voters.

Whether you're in favor of legalizing medical cannabis or not, you should be concerned that our elected officials can so easily and callously throw your vote away if they don't agree with you.

Complicit silence is not the answer! Demand Utah's legislature to repeal this un-democratic bill and reinstate Utah's voters!

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