Utah, don’t remove supports for teachers & students!

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Utah, don’t remove supports for teachers & students!

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Wayne Bonner started this petition to Utah State Board of Education

Enough with the red tape that hinders our children and their rightful opportunities to be in inclusive settings.

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) is voting this week on new rules that have a direct and negative impact on the special needs student population in Utah.

USBE R277-324 includes language that takes paraeducators out of the classroom, or where they remain, severely limits the interaction they can have with a student who is differently abled and needs access to a modified curriculum.

For many students in Utah with special needs, the only way they can access a general education setting, or in other words a fully “inclusive” education, where they attend school with siblings, neighbors, and other community members, is with the help and support of a paraeducator. Paraeducators are essential in helping a child with special needs to access a modified general education curriculum. In the absence of paraeducators in public schools, those children will be sent to different schools and warehoused in segregated classrooms.

IDEA is a federal law that states:
1. Every child no matter their ability has the right to a public education.
2. Access to this education cannot be denied based on funding.
3. All students regardless of academic abilities cannot be excluded from a classroom of same-age peers.

The USBE claims they are in favor of inclusive settings for children with special needs. But this rule further pushes these children into segregated classrooms.

The USBE has been disregarding IDEA law for decades by segregating differently-abled students and denying them access to their neighborhood schools. The USBE does this by creating policies and rules that are in direct conflict with IDEA, but which “govern” local Utah school districts.

Simply put - we do not need more rules which marginalize and limit Utah’s children. We need to come out of the dark ages and stop segregating differently-abled populations. We need the Utah State Board of Education to start putting children first.

Please sign this petition to stop these new “rules” from being passed. We do not need segregation. We need opportunities and inclusion for all children who learn differently from a young age so that they grow up to be a part of Utah’s future communities.

This rule, if passed, has the capacity to:

1 -Prevent full inclusion in the classroom for students with disabilities
2- Handicap a paraprofessional from performing helpful and necessary small group instruction
3 – Prevent them from effectively assisting the teacher in providing individualized help to students.



This petition made change with 4,976 supporters!