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Preserve the Antelope Island: Say NO to ATVs and ORVs, off road vehicles), on the trails

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Black Friday self-supported 50-miler Run:Preserve the Antelope Island: Say NO to ATVs and ORVs, off road vehicles, on the trails” by signing this petition.

 A few weeks ago, I posted an article on my Facebook page of what might happen to one of the most amazing places in Northern Utah...

You can read the published article on entitled “ATVs could be coming to Antelope Island State Park” - WEDNESDAY , NOVEMBER 08, 2017 - 4:25 PM by LEIA LARSEN, Standard-Examiner Staff:

This is the same place where I encounter bison and many other wildlife. Having ATV’s on the Antelope Island, even as on “guided tours”, will destroy the peace and solitude of that place, and harm the land and environment. The Island is supposed to be a refuge for some of the few remaining wildlife in this area like bison, chukar, coyotes, meadow lark, etc. The Park is not meant to be a playground for motorized vehicles.

This may happen if we don't voice our opposition, and I suggested for those who would like to support this cause to contact the DNR (Department of Natural Resources), contact the state park, and contact your elected representatives.

So, I decided to be pro-active and write this petition.

Additionally, I would like to express my distress of the idea of bringing ATVs and ORVs to the island by running a self-supported 50-miler in this amazing place, on Black Friday, November 24. I will start at 6am, and for those living nearby, please feel free to drop by and run a few miles with me or simply meet me at my Aid Station at White Rock Bay (Start/Finish, and mile 19ish). The course is the same as the BuffaloRun50m.

I would like your support, if possible, by signing the petition, so I can take the people’s opinion to our representatives. PLEASE, say NO to ATVs and ORVs (Off road vehicles) on the Antelope Island trails.

I hope that by the end of my run, I will be able to gather as many signatures in support of this cause, so I can take them to our representatives.

Just in case you might not be well informed about the effects of ATVs and ORVs to our environment, I included below a few scholarly and professional research addressing the issue.

Thank you again for your support and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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