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Utah Governor Gary Herbert: Repeal the "Ag Gag" law!

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"The only thing for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing."

Even though the recent charges against Amy Meyer (see story below) have been dropped, the "Ag Gag" law needs to be repealed!  This law in unconstitutional and represents an erosion of our constitutional rights.

Article on Ag Gag law:



It's now illegal to film certain things on Utah's PUBLIC ground! Utah's own Amy Meyer is first American citizen arrested under Utah's new “Ag Gag” law which makes it illegal for citizens to record the abuse of animals. She recorded extreme abuse from her phone on a public sidewalk of Smith Meatpacking Slaughterhouse in Draper, Utah co-owned by Draper mayor Darrell H. Smith. Amy goes to court on May 23. Her crime was compassion. If convicted, Amy faces up to six months in jail. This should concern every American citizen who believes in the U.S. Constitution and American jurisprudence. On behalf of every animal who desperately needs our help and heroes like Amy Meyer who want the public to know the truth, please do not allow this abuse of animals, our legal system, and the people’s right to know.

Amy's story:
“I visited the Smith Meatpacking Slaughterhouse in Draper, Utah because I have heard numerous reports that any bystander standing on the public thoroughfare could witness the horror of cows struggling for their lives as they were led to their violent deaths. What I saw was upsetting, to say the least. Cows being led inside the building struggled to turn around once they smelled and heard the misery that awaited them inside. I saw piles of horns scattered around the property and flesh being spewed from a chute on the side of the building. I also witnessed what I believe to be a clear act of cruelty to animals – a live cow who appeared to be sick or injured being carried away from the building in a tractor, as though she were nothing more than rubble.

At all times while I documented this cruelty, I remained on public property. I never once crossed the barbed wire fence that exists to demarcate private and public property. I told this to the police who were on the scene.

I am shocked and disappointed that I am being prosecuted by Draper City simply for standing on public property and documenting horrific animal abuse while those who perpetrated these acts are free to continue maiming and killing animals.

It is my understanding that the Mayor of Draper co-owns this slaughterhouse.”

-Amy Meyer

Please call Utah Governor Herbert and express your support for Amy Meyer and animal slaughterhouse transparency.
Phone: (800) 705-2464

Draper, Utah Mayor Darrell Smith
Phone: (801) 576-6513

Draper, Utah City Prosecutor Ben Rasmussen
Phone: (801) 576-6545

Members of the Utah legislature

Please call Brett at the Dale T. Smith and Sons Meat Packing Company and express your disapproval of their mistreatment of animals and their decision to press charges.
Phone: (801) 571-3611

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