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    The “no guest” policy on campus is a policy that inflicts on our right to live freely. The guest policy entails that no one is allowed in another persons dorm or apartment, even if they already live on campus. While this is for the prevention of spreading COVID-19, this rule will do nothing to stop the spread of COVID-19 and will make it worse. 
    If students are already living on campus there are going to be interactions between everyone regardless. Sports teams are still allowed to practice. Classes are still allowed to go on. Students pass each other in hallways. If teammates are allowed to be around each other practicing and students are allowed to be in class around each other there is already room for the virus to spread. The schools are allowing AND ENCOURAGING students to gather OFF campus where there is a greater chance of contracting covid instead of their own home where we are able to sanitize the area. Going off campus is more dangerous than staying on campus. Interaction and community is VITAL to our lives and education. The no guest policy will make the virus spread worse because students will leave campus more often to hangout and see their peers.     
     The guest policy should be for students who do not live on campus. Us students pay thousands of dollars to live on campus. We should NOT be told how to live and when/ where we see our fellow classmates. Most college students are 18 and older meaning we are adults who know how to make decisions especially that have to do with our health and safety. Covid-19 has changed lives forever and shouldn’t stand in the way of a college experience that students pay an excessive amount of money for. If we are paying to go to college and live on campus we have the right to live the way we want. If we are told how to live then the schools should reduce the cost of living.  
    We understand that schools do not want to be sued for covid cases. There were roughly 3-5 new contracts that had to be signed for housing. A contract should be made and SIGNED by students saying that students are NOT allowed to sue and that the universities ARE NOT responsible for anyone contracting the virus. UT students themselves should not be restricted. Only UT students should be allowed to interact with UT students. The schools are safer than being out in public. We are all in this together as a whole. Large gatherings should still NOT be allowed as in parties etc but one or two people should be allowed to hangout at each other’s apartment while complying with the schools visiting hours.