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Redefine the tracking policy

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Dear USPS services,

 We are kindly asking you to redefine your tracking policy concerning international delivery.


 Who we are?

We are a community of European crafters and online shops with over 50% of our sales going to the US market. We ship several thousand parcels of sold goods to our private customers in your country, and are sending you this request due to the continuous problems with deliveries to the US. 


What is the issue?

A large number of packages sent from EU and other European countries at the end of January 2015 has not been delivered yet. These packages have never even appeared in your tracking systems. Tracking these packages on our end we see them leaving our countries, getting on planes to the US, and that's pretty much it. They never enter your tracking systems. They simply disappear.

The only message we get at or at Customer Support is ‘Origin Post is Preparing Shipment’. It is simply misleading. The message means that the package has never been shipped and that simply is not true.

Over the last two month we have experienced a huge growth in claims, refunds and negative feedbacks from our US customers and as result we keep loosing business.

We understand that your organization is going through a transition. We also know that all European packages arrive at a New York based sorting facility. Due to increment weather in New York area in February there have been some delays in post delivery.

However, shipping times that used to be in a range of 5 to 14 days have suddenly, without warning, gone up to 6 weeks. The number of claims and refunds have increased dramatically.

What do we ask?

We would kindly ask you to officially inform all your customers about post delivery current and future delays. We would like this information to appear on your web site so that all your customers could have access to this information.

We would like you to change the ‘Origin Post is Preparing Shipment’ message to a less misleading one. We would like all our clients to have a clear understanding that our packages have actually left original countries and are waiting to be processed in one of your sorting facilities on the US territory.

We really hope for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you very much for your time,

From the European online sellers, self employed small businesses, crafters, and of course many thanks from our recipients in the US.

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