Early Supervised Release for Brent Gurley (12897-003) an inmate at FCI Yazoo City - Medium

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In 2013, Brent Edwin Gurley plead guilty to possession with the intent to distribute methamphetamine (1.2 grams) in the United States District Court of the Southern District of Alabama.  He was sentenced to 120 months imprisonment.  This harsh and lengthy sentence was due to the federal sentencing guidelines, the fact Gurley was/is labeled a career offender even though his arrest record shows that so-called career was approximately for six (6) months, along with Gurley not cooperating with the government which would include him providing a list of individuals involved in drug activity and/or participating in controlled buys.  GURLEY'S SENTENCE IS THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME KING PINS RECEIVE.  HE IS NOT A KING PIN BUT MERELY A DRUG ADDICT TRYING TO SUPPLY HIS ADDICTION.  As most would say, Gurley never had a chance.  He, as may felons and incarcerated males, had no guidance in life.  What he was guided to and known as normal would be a life of crime as he was raised a very dark life. Prior to Gurley's federal charges, he had been incarcerated with the State of Alabama Department of Corrections ("ADOC").  All of Gurley's legal issues have been drug related or a result of drug activity or use.  As the State of Alabama is underfunded, Gurley never received the proper treatment he needed in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not reoffend and be a productive member of the community.  Gurley received inadequate drug treatment, education and job training while incarcerated with the ADOC.  These things should have been acknowledged and resolved before his release from the ADOC.  He definitely would have had a better chance of not reoffending.  Since being federally incarcerated, Gurley managed to handle any and all outside affairs which include dismissing outstanding city and state warrants and cases that were active in various jurisdictions. Since the dismissal of these 14 cases and warrants, he has successfully completed the FCI Yazoo City - Medium's welding training and is currently trying to apply/get approved for the Residential Drug and Alcohol Program ("RDAP").  Also, he is now eligible for the pre-release program which includes the halfway house.  Additionally, he has only had one "shot" in the five (5) years he has been incarcerated which was for having an active Facebook page.   Gurley is 37 years of age and has two sons and one daughter.  He has dreamed of a normal life of waking up, taking out the trash and checking the mail.  He was young during his career offender days.  Only king pins get 120 months incarceration. Based upon his charges and convictions, he is a drug addict, so he should not get a king pin sentence. 

Brent has already spent five (5) years of his life incarcerated for the 1.2 grams of methamphetamine and he was paid all his dues plus some, grant him early supervised release so that he may be able to be a son, brother and father. 

Please see the Honorable Judge Young’s Opinion dated March 23, 2004 holding  the federal sentencing guidelines unconstitutional.

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