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USEPA: Remove the toxic waste from the Everglades of Central Jersey

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Tell USEPA to clean up the leaking PCBS out of the heart of the 1,250-acre Dismal Swamp Conservation Area in South Plainfield, New Jersey!

This last remaining wildlife refuge has been identified as a unique regional resource.  The Dismal Swamp Conservation Area has USEPA priority wetlands, and has several local and state entities working on its conservation, restoration, and enhancement as well as encouraging public access.  

There are 200 bird species, 25 mammal species, and 25 species of reptiles and amphibians that live in the 1,250-acre Dismal Swamp Conservation Area in Edison, South Plainfield and Metuchen and trek through this contaminated area.
PCB's are dangerous cancer causing chemicals and the PCB capacitors, capacitor pieces and other contamination remain at the surface throughout the wetlands and wildlife breeding area.  They are likely migrating up the food chain, poisoning everything that comes in contact with them.  The contamination is potentially migrating into the publicly accessible areas in the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area, and it is critical that all the hazardous waste and landfill areas be completely removed, disposed of offsite, and restored and to reduce any risk to human health and wildlife who utilize this natural resource. 
Exposure to PCBs disrupts liver and thymus functions, causes tumors, impairs immune system, and causes improper development of palate, teeth, and reproductive organs. Exposure to PCBs and dioxins also is linked to growth abnormalities, cognitive and nervous system disorders, and reproductive failure.

The entire Dismal Swamp Conservation Area is used by hunters and sportsman leading to the consumption of turtles, bull frogs, turkeys, white-tailed deer, as well as fish, wild plants and mushrooms foraged by hikers, sportsman and hunters. It is vital to make sure that these resources are safe and available to the public, for whom this area is protected for.
Sign our petition telling USEPA to remove all toxic PCBs and landfill wastes at this Superfund site located in the heart of the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area!

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