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Horses are a symbol of spirit and the American wild, years ago beautiful Spanish Mustangs were brought to the United States, since then, the sacred bond between horse and human has developed in so many ways. Not all positive.

Last Friday the USDA gave way for a New Mexico slaughterhouse, Valley Meat Co., to transform their facility from a beef processing plant, to a horse processing plant.
After a 7 year outlaw, horse slaughter is making its way back onto our soil.

This meat has a huge market in countries like France, China and Japan.
This plant will have customers, and the amount of horses up for wastage in the United States will keep them in business. 

Horse slaughter is brutal and cruel. In the past seven years illegal horse slaughterers have been buying horses from American auction yards for very little money. These horses are then packed into transport vehicles where they go without food and water for days. Horses are herd animals who do not do well when confined into very small spaces with other horses, these horses are terrified, and in pain. Horses are also constant grazers, they need to feed multiple times a day. Many horses do not make it to the slaughter house alive, but some that do are even dismembered before they're officially rendered brain dead.
By having slaughter houses in the United States we may reduce some of these horrible factors, but in the end, what can we deduce from the conditions of current slaughter houses of other livestock? Do we really want to condemn another species to this horrible fate?

Horses are a specie that have given and given to us for centuries upon centuries, is this how they deserve to be repaid?

Signing this petition, goes to tell the USDA we will not stand for horse slaughter in the United States, or for the slaughter of American horses illegally transported to other countries. We must save our horses!!

We're losing our symbol of spirit, our symbol of freedom, our bestfriend out in the pasture, our dedicated partner in the arena. Whatever discipline, breed, size or color.
No horse deserves this fate.

Whether illegally in another country, or here in our own neighborhoods. 


Letter to
United States Department of Agriculture USDA
United States Department of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
Governor Susana Martinez
and 1 other
New Mexico Governor
Above is a list of citizens who agree, that horse slaughter is an egregious act, that should have remained outlawed in the United States. We are outraged by your decisions to allow slaughter in a New Mexico plant, Valley Meat Co., and call for the immediate ban of horse slaughter in your state. We stand as equestrians, caretakers and companions, horse lovers and all around animal lovers, against this act.
Our symbol of spirit and our symbol of the great wild, is going to end up on the chopping block, far from the natural beauty and grace, that lives within all horses.

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