A family in Michigan ( one of the hardest states hit in the mortgage foreclosure market) is about to be homeless due to the Government and Chase Bank because they would not take redemption money 17 days past the date.


This family bought a house about 6 months before the market plumaged in 2007. the house dropped half value within a year. No big deal. Tried to get a modification and was denied. Then the banks were giving money to help people that houses were worth way less then what they owed. could not get no help because of the type of Loan I had through the USDA. Chase bank said they could not help me because of the type of FHA loan. Even though they are the mortgage holder. No modification or refinance. The family lost most of the income due to loss of job due to medical illness and was off work for a year and tried to do another modification and was denied, but put in forbearance. Then it went into foreclosure before the forbearance was up and was told not to pay the payment because it would not stop the foreclosure. The house was sold in sheriff sale and had a 6 month redemption period.
Tried to get a 20 day extension on it because that is when they would have the money to give the bank redemption money. Bank refused to extend it and take the money as well as the USDA refused to as well. Chase bank and Ginnie Mae is refusing to take funds for a house when the funds are there just because It would of been 17 days past the redemption date.
They would rather make a family homeless then help them save their home and stay a homeowner.
These places were given money to help people out by Obama administration and the banks won't help out. Sad thing is this family was denied help for modification and Chase would not help them with Refinance because it was a FHA-RD loan. This family was loaned the money by a family member to pay the redemption amount and the Bank Vice President of the Of the main branch in Ohio refused to accept the money because it was after the redemption period and refused to extend it the redemption period so the family could stay.
It is wrong that they are kicking a family out whom is willing to do what they can to stay in their home. Please help change the way they handle people willing to pay to keep their homes.


By this family I mean mine family.. please sign this so maybe these companies will let people stay in their homes if they have the means to pay after the redemption is up and there is proof of the money coming and tried for over a month and a half to get an extension on the date.


Letter to
CEO Retail Financial Services Charlie Scharf
Theodore W. Tozer, president Ginnie Mae
and 2 others
Chase Executive Management Hierarchy James Dimon, Chairman and CEO
CEO Home Lending David B. Lowman
Please quit making homeowners homeless. If someone is willing to come up with money for redemption and ask for a little more time because the money would be there 17 days late you should take it and not make hard working people homeless just because of a few days.
The family would love to stay in the home and continue to fix up the fixer upper.