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USDA: Don't EVER put flavored Crazy Apples in our children's lunches

It's coming! Bubble gum flavored apples. Yes, you heard me right. And they could be coming to your child's school very soon. In fact, the School Nutrition Association was so impressed with the idea they wrote about it here, I'm proposing that as moms we stand together and petition the School Nutrition Association to avoid these apples at all costs and just give our children regular apples. Apples are fine the way they are and we don't need to train our children to expect them to taste any different. Seriously.

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As parents and concerned citizens we are strongly urging the USDA Food & Nutrition Service & the School Nutrition Association to avoid putting flavored Crazy Apples in our children's lunches. Our children don't need to be trained that apples should taste like anything other than apples. We feel that flavored apples will be a detriment to their palate. We are also concerned with HOW these apples are actually flavored because it does not state on their site.

If you care about our children, you will avoid products like this in the future.

Crazy Apples can be found at The School Nutrition Association has written about them here,

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