Family and Community Member Response to UCSB Finals Week and Thomas Fires

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A State of Emergency has been declared for the County of Santa Barbara by Governor Jerry Brown. Conditions are not improving and students are feeling the effects of stress and health degradation due to the Thomas Fire. The “Petition to UCSB Administration on Thomas Fire and Student Health” received over 7,000 signatures aiming to cancel classes for December 7th and 8th. Currently, the University has only conveyed information in regards to the cancellation of classes. 

A clear plan regarding finals has not been made available to students. We are now asking the PARENTS, FRIENDS, SIBLINGS, and COMMUNITY MEMBERS to inquire to administration. All comments and signatures will be sent to UCSB Admin on Saturday, December 9th at noon.
***Students please send this link to your family members!***

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We the undersigned concerned friends, siblings, parents and community members ask that UCSB administration:

1. Allow UCSB students to return home safely and immediately. 
2. Provide support, both academically and emotionally, to those who have been tragically affected by the fire and may not have a home to return to.
3. Provide a proposed evacuation plan for the campus posted to the website and via email.
4. Offer remote testing for all final assignments and tests.
5. Request professors to practice flexibility given the unstable Wi-Fi from rolling blackouts.
6. Provide special accommodations for students who do not have a mode of transportation to return home.
7. Send out regular campus-wide communications informing students of air quality conditions and relevant information about the fire via email and Facebook.
8. Respond to these demands and issues in a comprehensive and timely manner.

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