Edit the USAToday article showing face of MSD Shooter

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Recently, the news publication USA Today released an article titled 'They have made change': 1 year after carnage in Parkland, where key figures are now“

In this article they showcased the student activist of Marjory Stoneman Douglas who created the March For Our Lives movement. In the last year they’ve done amazing work to raise awareness about gun violence, as well as help implement legislation to curb it.

However, at the end of this article a photo and a full biography was given of the shooter. He was given media space, as if he accomplished something notable. This person is a muderer as does not deserve any notoriety for what he did. This type of disregard is completely insensitive to the community of people who will forever be grieveing the loss of the 17 victims. Before committing this senseless act, the shooter made a video discussing his desire to gain fame from it. USA Today fulfilled his wishes almost a year to the day of the incident. 

I am calling on USA Today to edit the article and remove any trace of the shooter from it. I am also calling on businesses such as Ford, Samsung, and Emirates Airlines, who buy advertising space from the publication to help enforce these changes.

After the shooter has been caught, there photo should NOT be published. Additionally there name(s) should be greatly limited in any publications written about the tragedy.

If you agree with the following, sign this petition to demand these changes. We must set a standard for media to enforce a practice of #NoNotoriety when it comes to the perpetrators of these tragedies.