Hold Coach Ivano accountable for Emotional & Mental Trauma along with Physical Harrasment

Hold Coach Ivano accountable for Emotional & Mental Trauma along with Physical Harrasment

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Started by Jay F

Justice for Crystal Cooke .

Assault, bullying, emotional, mental trauma. Derogatory remarks, demeaning, denigrating, disparaging, insults, and attacks inpublic hearings.

"How many are forced to live silently with these lifelong traumas? We must continue to bring awareness to those that carry the wounds of discrimination. SPEAK UP for them and STAND UP to injustice"    -C.Cooke




         1.  Please kindly sign this petition in support that she does not get restricted the access to play rugby. Crystal Cooke is currently suspended for the 3rd time,  Award winning Athletic, honorable mention, minority , Crystal Cooke should be granted eligibility to play by USA RUGBY  plus excemplary membership to be CIPP'ed  for access to several seasons to come in justice of these hardships she has had to endure for TOO long.

"As it stands now, I am suspended for the third time in relation to the same physical assault on May 11, 2019, whereas the attacker, Ivano, is still actively coaching"   -C.Cooke

       2.  Pursuing that all men and women no matter color, sex and orientation be held accountable for their actions.

Lets help Ms.Cooke by signing this petition in pursuit of having Union Womens executive board (W.E.B) and Coach Ivano held accountable for emotional, mental, and physical trauma by;
     3.   Taking away Ivano Mirandi's coaching license
           Trauma provoker Ivano Mirandi cannot serve as an example , motivator,  or coach with abusive behavior that serves for an unsafe enviornment       

     4. A plea for HELP to those that were there that day including spectators such as family friends and supporters of rugby. This plea for help is also directed to the oposing team such as Lancaster Thorn members and their affiliated members of that day; this includes  York Rugby CIPP'ed members, Lancaster Rugby CIPP'ed members, Long island Rugby CIPP'ed members, white horse Rugby CIPP'ed members, etc. Be advised,  This is a request for any witnesses to humbly submit supporting evidence or statements if applicable , of the assault from May 11, 2019 ; Not all heros wear capes, Crystal Cooke was unjustly treated. Please send your details regarding the event to email justiceforcooke@gmail.com 


    5. Requesting USA Rugby assistance in pursuit of racial justice and equality within the Empire GU  board by creating a position/ biPOC specific to correspond to racial and sexual minorities, available to all CIPP'ed players as an advocate of diversity for athletic injustices. 

Again FOR CLARITY We want a representative for black, indiginous, people of color ( biPOC / POC)  and other marginalized groups such as LGBTQIA+  on EMPIRE RUGBY GU board.



USA rugby

PLEASE step in and thoroughly investigate union county rugby club and Empire GU division  




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Obtaining Legal representation to deal with the Empire GU investigation.

Please ready this Article for the full story if you have not done so already ;




991 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!