Let's End Law Enforcers Favoritism To Towing Companies - Equal Towing

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In the past 10 years, a lot has changed in the Towing and Recovery business. The local and nation wide police departments, as well as Sheriff's Department, have allowed favoritism against policy and allowed police officers, deputy's, and likewise to "choose" who they want to have come and tow vehicles from drunk driver arrests, disabled vehicles, accident/crashes, etc. Customers know who they want at times and are REFUSED!
Now, this is important for police and deputy's to know when it comes to which Towing company can handle the vehicle/truck at hand. However, multiple agency's have adopted rotations and systems in which are constantly manipulated by the officers, Sheriff's deputy's, in favor of Towing company owners they know/like more than others. This is unfair, unethical, and playing favorites. If a policy is set in place and the officers do not follow their own policy set by their Chief or likewise, how can they enforce the law to the public?
The goal of this Petition, is to give EQUAL RIGHTS to small business Towing company's in both the Wisconsin, and whole US. It should be unbiased and fair. Unfavored. Monitored, recorded in reports available to the public.
By signing this petition, you demand the Wisconsin Sheriff's Department's address their issue with calling favored Towing Company's, when they have a map that shows whose closest to the incident, a rotation, or who would be the quickest.
There's plenty of Tow's to go around to keep the public safe, and Towing company's all in business without starving.

Stop the Police Favoritism! Enforce the Enforcers! Punitive Fines for Law Enforcers Knowingly Breaking Their Policies!!!

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