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USA Gymnastics: Allow Bailee Iorg compete in gymnastics

Bailee Iorg was born with a lower leg difference and needs to use a prosthetic leg. That should not prevent her from being able to compete in gymnastics!

Bailee was featured in a news story on WBIR-TV in Knoxville, Tennessee on May 15, 2013. Her story was reshared at other television stations across the country. In the news piece, Bailee's gymnastics coach explains USA Gymnastics does not have rules for or against the use of prosthetics in competition. For now, the organization is reviewing Bailee's case to decide if she can compete.

This petition was created to help the growing number of people who know Bailee deserves to compete!

In Bailee's words, "Instead of being lazy and sitting on the couch like most people would do and tell their mom and dad, 'Well I can't do it because of my fake leg' and then their moms and dads go, 'Awww yeah, you can't do it.' Instead saying, 'Mom and dad, I want to do this, I want to do that.'"

Bailee wants to compete! Let's rally for her and help future kids know they can too!

Letter to
USA Gymnastics Susan Jacobson
8-year-old Bailee Iorg of Knoxville, TN is hoping to compete in USA Gymnastics' Trampoline and Tumbling program. She was born with a limb difference and needs to use a prosthetic leg. Please do not let that prevent her from having the chance to compete. Support Bailee and future limb different gymnasts who will be able to compete thanks to Bailee's example.

We are signing this petition to encourage you to celebrate differences and encourage all children to take a risk and live active and healthy lives. Bailee is an awesome example of someone who took that risk and deserves the experience of gymnastics competition.

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